Publication date: 07/02/2023

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Summary: Thermal Power Plants operating in a combined cycle have higher thermal efficiency (up to 60%) and greater generating power compared to traditional single cycles, such as single gas or steam turbines. Gas turbines (GT) have unique characteristics in the steelmaking process, being able to operate with gases of low calorific value from steel plants, such as blast furnace gases (BFG), and with conventional fuels, such as natural gas, and even with a mixture of these gases enriched with the steel plant gas (BOF). This study aims to model and dynamically simulate the behavior of gas turbines, presenting solutions for the optimization of the fuel gases blend in gas turbines operating in a combined gas/steam cycle, finding the ideal solution in terms of cost reduction and maximization of net income. The studied plant has a combined cycle formed by two gas turbines of 90 MW each one, and a steam turbine of 310 MW, totaling 490 MW. The model was simulated with the GT operating in parallel with the power grid being the cycle combined by controlling the inlet guide vane (IGV) control. The model was developed in MatLab's Simulink®.

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