Name: Victor Manuel Riva de Oliveira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/05/2021

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Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *

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Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *
Marcio Almeida Có External Examiner *
Walbermark Marques dos Santos Internal Examiner *

Summary: Power electronics devices are widely used in several areas. Currently, most of the electrical energy, before reaching the final consumer, is processed by these devices. In this scenario, with high demand for better power quality and more sustainable energy, the search for more efficient converter and controller topologies in the industrial environment becomes inevitable. Multilevel converters emerged in the 1980s to supply this demand. In order to reduce harmonic distortion in the loads, these converters are non-linear equipment composed of a matrix of semiconductors that generates a stepped voltage waveform. In addition, other control techniques have been developed in order to achieve more power efficiency. The model predictive control is an example of modern nonlinear control that is also widely used today in power plants. Thus, this work aims to develop a multilevel converter, more specifically, a neutral point clamped converter in the back-to-back configuration. Additionally, some
techniques such as vector control and predictive current control are employed to drive a threephase induction motor, which can regenerate energy to the grid, minimize the DC bus load time, control the power factor and control currents, torque, rotor flux and speed. The results obtained proved to be satisfactory, fulfilling the norms power quality in the grid and driving
the induction motor in an efficient way.

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