Field of study: Electrical Engineering
Description: The major topics addressed in this research line are Mobile Robotics, Rehabilitation Robotics, and Assistive Technology. The mobile platforms used are wheeled differential drive robots, robotic wheelchairs, and aerial robots. On the other hand, rehabilitation robotics is mainly based on robotic walkers and exoskeletons. In relation to assistive technology, researches are conducted about sensors and devices to help mobility, rehabilitation and communication of people with disabilities. Regarding Mobile Robotics, the main research items are control of wheeled mobile robots, working solely or in a cooperative way, as well as control of the navigation of rotorcraft machines, also navigating solely or in a formation, and computer vision techniques applied to the navigation of such vehicles.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
MARIA-T21 Development of a New Social Assistance Robot with Integrated Serious Games for Therapies with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome 01/10/2020 24
Mobile robotic platform for AI-based autonomous navigation 01/06/2022 24
Neuro-Bike Neurorehabilitation System Based on Brain-Machine Interface, Muscle-Machine Interface, Inertial Sensors, Imersive Virtual Reality and Robotic Mini-Bike 01/02/2018 36
Assit-Robot Use of Robotics and Assistive Technology para Children and Adults with Disabilities 01/08/2015 36
01/08/2016 12
01/08/2013 12
01/08/2012 12
01/08/2014 24
21/05/2010 12
01/08/2012 12
01/08/2009 12
01/08/2009 12
IdCar 01/05/2021 24
01/01/2021 24
17/06/2021 24
01/06/2021 36
01/08/2009 12
01/08/2016 12
01/05/2008 24
01/09/2015 36


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