Title: Doctor
Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)
Curriculum: http://lattes.cnpq.br/5929530967371970

Participation in projects:

Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months) Participation in the project
Development of multivariate techniques for controlling and monitoring industrial processes 10/01/2019 36 Coordinator *
01/08/2014 60 Researcher *
01/08/2008 24 Coordinator *
03/03/2015 24 Coordinator *
01/05/2013 24 Coordinator *


Participants in examination boards:

Titlesort descending Name Defense date Course
Digital Twins and Augmented Observability: An Architecture Model for Experimental Oil & Gas Separator Vessel Digitization RAPHAEL ALMEIDA GUIMARÃES DOS SANTOS 22/07/2021 MSc in Electrical Engineering
Performance Evaluation of the LoRa Wide Area Network Technology MENNO JAN FABER 17/07/2020 MSc in Electrical Engineering
ALEXANDRE ARAUJO PAES 06/12/2016 MSc in Electrical Engineering
ANARA CRYSTINE CARVALHO DE OLIVEIRA FADINI 19/08/2015 MSc in Electrical Engineering
ALEXANDRE SANTOS BRANDÃO 03/04/2013 DSc in Electrical Engineering


Guided Students:

Name Titlesort descending Defense date Role Type
ANDRÉ PAULO FERREIRA MACHADO Methodologies to Improve One-Class Classifier Performance Applied to Multivariate Time Series 05/04/2024 Advisor Doctoral thesis
ADILSON AMARO LIMA RODRIGUES 06/09/2011 Advisor * MSc dissertation
ALANCARDEK PEREIRA ARAUJO 31/07/2012 Advisor * PhD thesis
ALDEMAR JOSÉ DE OLIVEIRA 21/12/2005 Advisor * MSc dissertation
ALEXANDRE ARAUJO PAES 06/12/2016 Advisor * MSc dissertation


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