Title: Doctor
Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)

Participation in projects:

Title Starting datesort descending Deadline (months) Participation in the project
12/05/2014 24 Coordinator *
Anthropometry by Image for Identification of Somatotype 03/08/2015 48 Coordinator *
Detection and Tracking of Objects and People 08/08/2016 48 Coordinator *
08/08/2016 48 Coordinator *
Deep Learning Networks Applied to Cancer Detection in Human Tissues and Pathology Detection in EEG and ECG Signals 01/01/2019 36 Coordinator *


Participants in examination boards:

Title Name Defense datesort descending Course
DENNIS GUILLERMO ROMERO LOPEZ 13/05/2014 DSc in Electrical Engineering
KELLY ASSIS DE SOUZA GAZOLLI 27/06/2014 DSc in Electrical Engineering
DANIEL LUIS COSMO 06/11/2014 MSc in Electrical Engineering
LUCAS DE ASSIS SOARES 17/04/2015 MSc in Electrical Engineering
PHILIPE RANGEL DEMUTH 19/05/2016 MSc in Electrical Engineering


Guided Students:

Name Title Defense datesort descending Role Type
PHILIPE RANGEL DEMUTH 19/05/2016 Advisor * MSc dissertation
ALEXANDRE ARAUJO PAES 06/12/2016 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
BRUNO LÉGORA SOUZA DA SILVA 08/12/2016 Advisor * MSc dissertation
MARCUS VINICIUS FITZ LUCCHETTI 09/12/2016 Advisor * MSc dissertation
LORRAINE MARQUES ALVES 30/05/2017 Advisor * MSc dissertation


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