Title: Doctor
Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)

Participation in projects:

Title Starting datesort ascending Deadline (months) Participation in the project
Human-Robot Interaction Strategies for Autistic Spectrum Disorder therapies using multisensory systems and artificial intelligence 04/12/2023 36 Coordinator *
01/11/2023 24 Researcher *
Oil Separation Profiler with Optical Fiber Sensing for FPSO Vessels 23/01/2023 36 Researcher *
Eye on the Link! (EoL!): Continuous, Scalable and Affordable Supervision for Optic Cable Plants in Campus and Metropolitan Networks Assisted by Machine Learning. 01/01/2023 12 Coordinator *
01/12/2022 36 Researcher *


Participants in examination boards:

Title Namesort ascending Defense date Course
Development of an ultrasonic hydrophone based on a fiber optic Michelson’s interferometer to measure the volume of liquids WELTON STHEL DUQUE 29/07/2022 MSc in Electrical Engineering
A Methodology for Cloud Robotics Implementation Based on Open-Source Software: from Human-Robot Interaction to Autonomous Applications RICARDO CARMINATI DE MELLO 26/11/2020 DSc in Electrical Engineering
Towards Simplified Optical Sensing: Enhancement of Interrogation Techniques based on Intensity Modulation MARIANA LYRA SILVEIRA 24/03/2023 DSc in Electrical Engineering
MARCOS REICH 19/07/2023 MSc in Electrical Engineering
LUÍS CÍCERO BEZERRA DA SILVA 26/11/2021 DSc in Electrical Engineering


Guided Students:

Namesort ascending Title Defense date Role Type
ANNY DOS SANTOS NATALI Advisor * Proposal for msc dissertation
ANNY DOS SANTOS NATALI 06/12/2023 Advisor Academic master's dissertation
AURA XIMENA GONZALEZ CELY Posture Monitoring and Wheelchair Control Using Optical Fiber Pressure Sensors 02/03/2023 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
FABIANA SANTOS VIEIRA MACHADO Co-advisor * Proposal for phd thesis
JOANDERSON RODRIGUES PAZ Advisor * Proposal for msc dissertation


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