Title: Doctor
Research groups: CNPq (Google Translator version)

Participation in projects:

Title Starting datesort descending Deadline (months) Participation in the project
03/01/2011 36 Coordinator *
03/05/2011 36 Coordinator *
01/10/2012 24 Researcher *
23/05/2013 24 Coordinator *
24/05/2013 24 Coordinator *


Participants in examination boards:

Title Name Defense date Coursesort descending
ANIBAL COTRINA ATENCIO 30/11/2015 DSc in Electrical Engineering
Admittance Control of a Robotic Knee Orthosis
Based on Motion Intention Through sEMG of
Trunk Muscles
ANA CECILIA VILLA PARRA 04/12/2017 DSc in Electrical Engineering
ALESSANDRO BOTTI BENEVIDES 30/08/2013 DSc in Electrical Engineering
ANDRES ALBERTO RAMIREZ DUQUE 17/07/2019 DSc in Electrical Engineering
Polymer Optical Fiber Sensors for Healthcare Devices: From the Material Analysis to Practical Applications ARNALDO GOMES LEAL JÚNIOR 17/12/2018 DSc in Electrical Engineering


Guided Students:

Name Title Defense datesort descending Role Type
RICHARD JUNIOR MANUEL GODINEZ TELLO 21/02/2013 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
VALMIR ANTONIO SCHNEIDER JUNIOR 20/05/2013 Advisor * MSc dissertation
ROBERTO SALLES MELIM 27/08/2013 Advisor * MSc dissertation
DIEGO NUNES BERTOLANI 30/10/2013 Co-advisor * MSc dissertation
CAMILO ARTURO RODRIGUEZ DIAZ 14/03/2014 Advisor * MSc dissertation


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